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Past Events

Facilitator: Deanna Kimball

The Area Council will meet to establish a budget, hold elections again for their executive and establish their plan for 2018.



Facilitator: James Little

This is training for pay advocates, normally local officers or stewards, that have been assisting members with Phoenix issues. This assembly will provide information and training on tools specifically for assisting those with pay issues.  It will also provide information on our key objectives in pressuring the government to address and resolve Phoenix.  Please ensure that at least one Executive, Steward or person designated by the local as a “Pay Advocate” signs up for this important training and information session. 

The PSAC is pleased to offer an advanced course for Union representatives …

Advanced Representation Training For Stewards (ARTS), February 2-5, 2018 – Richmond, BC

  • Course hours (approximately):
  • Friday, Feb 2nd 9:00 a.m. to Monday, Feb 5th 4:00 p.m.
  • (including an evening activity)

This course is for PSAC union representatives (stewards, local officers, etc.) who have: