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Past Events

*** This is a two-day course split over two consecutive Saturdays - Februrary 18 and 25 ***

members must attend both sessions

Every week since the beginning of the Sham Missing Women’s Inquiry, the Women’s Memorial March Committee has been rallying to denounce the disrespect and injustice happening inside. Dozens of DTES, Aboriginal, and Women’s organizations were shut out from participating in the Inquiry.

CoDevelopment Canada presents the World Community Film Festival - BC’s largest social justice film fest. The festival features over 35 social justice and environmental documentaries that go to the heart of issues confronting communities here and around the world. For more information and a programing schedule, visit codev.org.

CoDevelopment Canada invites you to hear from Honduran Teachers’ Union (COPEMH) representatives Dilcia Diaz and Carolina Pineda. The Honduran Teachers’ Union has been at the forefront of the struggle to restore democracy in Honduras.


  • Minutes from previous meeting December 8,  2011
  • Financial report and 2012 budget – Sharon
  • President’s Report – Tom Hopkins
  • Area expansion
  • Roundtable and Members concerns