Day of Action: Bargaining and Phoenix damages

June 12, 2019
(All day)
province wide, province wide, BC (Map)

On June 12, the payday during National Public Service Week, PSAC members at worksites across BC will be taking action to let the government know we want a fair deal at the bargaining table and we deserve a fair Phoenix settlement.

PSAC has been committed to achieving a new contract for our members in the PA, SV, TC, and EB groups that ensures fair economic increases, improves work-life balance, strengthens job security, and closes wage gaps with the private sector.

However, the employer is insisting on wage increases of 1.5% per year for four years even though this falls well below the rate of inflation and is also asking workers to wait up to 18 months after the new contract is signed to receive retroactive pay. Members working at Parks, CBSA, CRA, and CFIA are also waiting for a fair offer from the government.

And throughout the Phoenix fiasco, PSAC members have continued to show up to work to provide Canadians with the critical services they depend on. The government’s offer of 1.25 days per year is far too little to compensate or even recognize the massive impact that Phoenix has had on peoples’ lives.

Take action on June 12, and let the let the employer know that you expect better at the bargaining table and when it comes to Phoenix damages. Contact your Local Executive, Mobilization Coordinator, PSAC Regional Office for more information and to get involved.