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Vancouver Island Events

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  • Agenda & details to come.


  • Victoria Area Council General Meeting


    • Standing Agenda items as well as
    • Previous minutes for approval,
    • National day of Action in February
    • Financial report
    • Laying out plans for the year

    Please RSVP no later than Monday January 8, 2018 to either Patricia (Trish) Martin - martinp@psac.com or Rosemary MacKenzie  mackenr@psac.com

  • Bring a Union Sister with you!

    Proposed Agenda Items

    1. Call to Order
    2. Adoption of Agenda
    3. Previous Minutes
    4. President’s Report
    5. Financial Report – 2016 financial statement
    6. New Business
    7. Elections
    8. Adjournment

    If you have any items you wish to have included on the agenda, please send them along with your RSVP to Julie Bussiere or Rosemary Mackenzie