Regional Women's Committees

Welcome to the union!

The Public Service Alliance of Canada has a proud history of activism by the women of the union. They have been at the heart of our major strikes and campaigns. On a daily basis they are active in PSAC locals, informing, organizing and representing members. Our accomplishments as a union reflect their vision, energy, and commitment. Women keep our union vital and strong.

  • PSAC BC women members can fill out the PSAC BC self id form here to be added to their nearest Regional Women’s Committee email list.

PSAC women have always challenged the union to address complex issues, to develop alternative ways of being effective, and to reach out to those members who, in the past, have been on the margins of union activity. Through their effort and determination, we are building an inclusive union solidly based in principles of justice and equality.

At the same time, we know we can count on the support of PSAC women. They bring to the union a solid belief in the necessity of collective action by workers. Whenever the call goes out, PSAC women respond with creativity, enthusiasm and tireless effort. They put their hearts on the line and they walk the talk!

As a focal point for mobilizing women members, the Regional Women’s Committees are essential to a strong union presence in the regions. They embody the spirit of grassroots organizing and membership participation. Member-based structures such as the RWCs are the vehicles that directly contribute to our power, effectiveness and relevance as a dynamic union.

Get involved today! Contact the PSAC BC Women’s Coordinator Priscilla Lam or PSAC Women’s Rep Monica Urrutia.

There are Regional Women’s Committees currently in the Southern Interior, Vancouver, Prince George, and Vancouver Island.

For meeting dates and times, contact your local Women’s Committee, or check the upcoming events page.

BC Regional Women’s Committee Contact Info

Southern Interior (formerly Okanagan) RWC Co-Chair: Ashley-Rae Snape – Committee contact email: | Southern Interior RWC meeting minutes

Northern RWC Co-Chairs: Sherel Sandhu, Tracy Arrowsmith – Committee contact email:| Northern RWC meeting minutes

Vancouver RWC Co-Chairs: Zita Lambert and Reena Birk – Committee contact email: | Vancouver RWC meeting minutes

Vancouver Island RWC Chair: Kahla Lichti – Committee contact email: | Vancouver Island RWC meeting minutes

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