PSAC BC Regional Women’s Conference – May 3-5 2013

The PSAC BC Regional Women’s Conference will be held under the theme “PSAC BC Women Hold More Than Half the Sky”, May 3,4,5 2013 at the Sheraton Hotel, Richmond BC. All PSAC women in BC are encouraged to apply!

How to apply

In our continuing efforts to go green, we encourage all members to apply on-line here. If you require a hard copy you can mail or fax back, please email us. The application deadline is April 2nd, 2013.


Please note that the PSAC will reimburse participants for loss of wages, meals, incidentals and travel expenses in accordance with the PSAC Travel Directive for those in travel status (you are considered in travel status if you reside 60 km or more from the event venue). Guest rooms will be provided to those in travel status. Participants not in travel status will receive $50/day to help offset their travel and meal costs and will be entitled to claim loss of salary if the conference takes place on a day they are normally scheduled to work.

To improve access to union functions for members with family care responsibilities, the PSAC has a family care allowance policy. Click for more information about expense entitlements and our family care policy.


Conference participants will attend two of four workshops, to be ranked in order of preference during the registration process.

Herstory is History too

The purpose of this session is to place current struggles for equality, including the often absent history of Aboriginal women, in the context of our history. It also acknowledges the many important gains that have been won for equality rights and those gains have been won through women organizing and mobilizing for change. Hopefully, we will be able to see ourselves in the struggle, past and present, and we can look to our future through the struggles and gains in our past. Some background for participants.

Children and Childcare

Achieving an affordable childcare program has been a long standing goal of the PSAC. This workshop will profile the realities of families in various communities trying to access safe, affordable childcare. Participants will look at the need for a universal child care system in BC and Canada. You will also help develop plans for our PSAC National Childcare Campaign. Some background for participants.

Leadership Across Diversity

How do we involve more Aboriginal Women, more Women with Disabilities, more Bi-sexual, Lesbian and Transgender Women, more Racialized women or more young women in decision-making in our society, our workplaces and within our labour movement? This workshop will look at how we can build a truly inclusive movement that reflects our diversity and collective strengths. Some background for participants.

Supporting our Sisters

This workshop will profile the realities of Aboriginal women in various communities. Participants will explore the links between poverty and violence, and find out how to get involved in the fight-back campaigns led by Aboriginal women and their organizations. Some background for participants.


The deadline for resolution submission to your Local Women’s Committee is March 25th, 2013. These resolutions will be discussed at the Regional Womens Conference for submission to the National Human Rights Conference to be held in November 2013.

Registration Fee

There is a Conference registration fee of $100. Participants will be asked to submit a cheque made payable to the “Public Service Alliance of Canada” during the Conference Registration. Locals, Components or Regional Women’s Committees may be able to assist with this fee.

Locals are encouraged to register and financially assist women who are interested in attending this Conference.  There are also some Components who set aside funds to encourage participation in events such as this.  Applicants may wish to explore this option further.

No Smoking, Scent-Free Policies

The PSAC no-smoking policy will be in effect for all Conference functions. Also, please refrain from using perfume or other scented products during the Conference. Many members have severe allergies and chemical sensitivities to these kinds of products. Your cooperation will be much appreciated.

If you have any questions about the Regional Women’s Conference, please call the Vancouver RO at 604-430-5631 or 1-800-663-1655.

We are particularly interested in hearing from members who are not applying because of barriers to attendance (e.g. scheduling conflict, cannot obtain leave from employer, registration fee prohibitive, etc.). Please advise us of any such barriers so that we can address these concerns when planning future conferences.