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Federal Election 2019

This upcoming election is your chance to choose a government that supports public services and the workers that deliver them.

September 10, 2019 - 1:15pm •
In 1991, the Supreme Court confirmed that federal public service workers have a constitutional right to engage in political activity. Before that, the Public Service Employment Act did not allow these workers to take part in any political activities except casting their vote.
August 21, 2019 - 1:00am •
August 20, 2019 - 11:47am •
One of the hallmarks of a healthy democracy is the ability of citizens to participate freely and actively in determining who they elect to govern and make decisions on their behalf. However until 1988, the Public Service Employment Act did not allow federal public sector workers to take part in political activities beyond simply casting their vote. In 1991 the Supreme Court of Canada upheld a Federal Court decision that struck down these restrictions and confirmed that restrictions on political activities should not apply to the vast majority of federal workers.
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