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These conferences are an opportunity for our members to continue the important work of maintaining and improving the militancy and activism of the Union in the struggle to improve the human rights and working conditions of all PSAC members.

Although almost four months have passed since the Public Interest Commission released its recommendations to settle a new contract for the TC Group, Treasury Board says it is still not ready to return to the bargaining table. We want a fair contract now!

Unions in North America adopted May 1st in the late 1800s as a day to commemorate the struggle of working people to win the eight hour day.

And when we say ‘struggle' we mean struggle. Things blew up. People were killed. The police lied. Workers were jailed and executed. Back then that was how far the rich and powerful were willing to go to protect their access to cheap and pliable labour, for however long they wanted it, each and every working day.

A message to PSAC members in BC from Bob Jackson, Regional Executive Vice President.

As you know, BC is going to the polls very soon. PSAC BC, along with many other unions in the province, is participating in the BC Federation of Labour Vote for Change campaign.

PSAC members are the foundation of our union. Everything our union is able to achieve depends on the strength and vitality of members and on their active participation.

This five page step-by-step guide booklet is designed to help your Area Council, Womens, Young Workers or Human Rights Committee significantly increase member participation so that you grow and thrive. Most important of all, these are simple tools to ensure that you are always in the process of developing more activists.

There is a job opportunity at the PSAC in the Vancouver Regional Office - the position is for a Regional Representative, 1 year term. For more information and how to apply, visit the PSAC national website. In addition to the term vacancy, this pool will serve to establish an eligibility list for future Regional Representative positions in the Vancouver Regional Office and the Victoria Regional Office.