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From October 11-12, 2012 your Bargaining Team went over the numerous demands you submitted for positive improvements to your collective agreement. This followed with a General Membership meeting held by your Local, UPCE 20095, on October 13, 2012, which included Janelle Ho-Shing, PSAC Negotiator.

We have served Notice to Bargain to Purolator Inc. on October 18, 2012. Dates for bargaining will soon be set. Once bargaining begins, your team plans to provide regular updates after each session.

PSAC has asked the Public Service Labour Relations Board to mediate its four year dispute with Parks Canada over which positions are deemed « essential » in the case of a strike or lockout.

According to the Public Service Labour Relations Act both sides are supposed to come to an agreement on which services need to be provided to ensure the safety of the public in the event of a work stoppage.

Yesterday the government crammed through Bill C-45, incorporating hundreds of pages of major legislative changes that Canadians have not been consulted on. 

This government knows it would lose public support if each of these initiatives were opened up to public scrutiny and debate.

The PSAC is pleased to offer a new advanced course for Union representatives …

Advanced Duty to Accommodate: Accommodating Members With Disabilities

The course will be held December 7-9, 2012 in Vancouver - course hours are Dec 7th 1-5PM, Dec 8th 9AM-5PM, Dec 9th 9AM-2PM (note this is subject to change).

This course is for PSAC union representatives (stewards, local officers, etc.) who have experience and training:

The next BRUSH (Health & Safety) Committee meeting will feature mental health in the workplace as one of their discussion topics. To find out more about regional health & safety initiatives, email LittleJ@psac-afpc.com or call the Victoria RO at (250) 953-1050. Mental Health Matters!

  • Put TC bargaining issues on the agenda of your next AGM, town hall, conference call, regional seminar, membership meeting, national council or strike mobilization meeting. Invite a TC team member to attend.

  • Wear and share the TC mobilization stickers, bracelets and bookmarks.