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On July 3, PSAC started the process of negotiating a new collective agreement with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).  The union sent a notice to the Agency that we want to bargain changes to the current agreement that ends on October 31, 2012.

More progress has been made during recent weeks in the development of new occupational group structure for current PA bargaining unit members.

This work brings us closer to the day when actual reform of the outdated classification standards at Treasury Board can begin.

VICTORIANegotiations between the Public Service Alliance of Canada, bargaining agent for workers at VictoriaAirport, and the Airport Authority have broken off.

“The employer has made it clear in no uncertain terms that they want to create a second class employee at the workplace”, says Bob Jackson, PSAC Regional Executive Vice-President for BC. “We have been forced to seek the assistance of a Federal Conciliation Officer in an attempt to achieve a negotiated settlement.” 

PSAC National President Robyn Benson speaks about the We are all affected campaign and what union members can do to make the public aware of the consequences of conservative government cutbacks for Canadians and their communities.

PSAC believes that Canadians have a right to clear information from their government about what federal public services are being cut and how these cuts will affect them.  And we're not alone.  The Parliamentary Budget Officer has been trying to get the details from departments – so far with little success – so that Parliament can be properly informed.

Ottawa – Canada's largest federal public sector union says that 3,889 of its members in 13 departments are being told today they could lose their jobs.

“This government is misleading Canadians when it says these cuts won't impact services we all rely on,” said PSAC's national president Robyn Benson. “We need Stephen Harper and his Ministers to stop hiding behind spin and start talking to all Canadians about the services we are losing.”