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PSAC's National Executive Vice-President presented to the house committee on human resources and skills development Nov. 22, urging the committee to amend the government's latest budget implementation bill to remove provisions that would weaken federal health and safety regulations.

The brief takes on the redefinition of the word 'danger', the change to accident investigation rules and the role of health and safety officers.

Transgender day of remembrance

Less than a week after reconvening Parliament, the Conservative government introduced Bill C-4, an omnibus budget bill that proposes to radically change our rights as federal public sector workers, and, by extension, is an attack against the rights of all Canadian workers.

Earlier this year, Treasury Board announced it would be implementing a “pay in arrears” system for federal government employees as part of their Pay Modernization Initiative.

Public service employees are paid on a “current” basis. They receive their pay on a Wednesday for the 10 day pay period that ends on that same day. As the pay needs to be processed several days in advance, any changes to an individual’s pay in those last few days (such as leaves or acting pay) is not accounted for immediately, but requires pay adjustments in subsequent paycheques.

Tony Clement, the President of Treasury Board, was interviewed on CBC radio in Ottawa. His contempt for federal public sector workers and his refusal to answer reasonable questions about Bill C-4 is well worth listening to ...