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To: PSAC Locals and Activists in BC

As you may be aware, the Conservative’s have announced they will be releasing this year’s budget on Thursday March 21, 2013 at 4PM EST. We expect the budget to contain further cuts, affecting our members and further devastating the public sector. 
The lack of transparency and hidden legislative changes in the 2012 budget shows the disregard this government has towards Canadians and public services.

PSAC is calling on the government to recognize that austerity isn't working – Canadians have lost services they need and job cuts are hurting the economy. You can't create jobs and prosperity by cutting jobs and services.

Sick leave is a negotiated benefit

Sick leave provisions in collective agreements are a negotiated benefit for public sector workers who get sick; they are not a benefit for those who are healthy. Sick leave ensures workers are well enough to provide quality public services.

Any changes to the current sick leave provisions are a matter for negotiations between the PSAC and the federal government

PSAC is ready to return to the bargaining table using the recommendations of the Public Interest Commission as the basis for negotiating a tentative agreement, your Union told Treasury Board last month.

The recommendations of the PIC were released by the Public Service Labour Relations Board in mid-January. After studying the report, the TC Bargaining Team confirmed that it is prepared to use the recommendations as a road map to a negotiated settlement.

Your bargaining team met for the second time with the employer on March 12th, 13th and 14th.  The environment was quite positive and as a result we have signed off on a number of non-monetary bargaining proposals.  In addition, we have had thorough discussions on the employer’s proposal to amend the Apprenticeship article and the dual ticket program. The employer has also tabled language on “seasonal employees”.

To: PSAC Local Presidents and Component National Officers in BC, on behalf of REVP Bob Jackson and the PSAC National Board of Directors
Re: Regional Meetings to Launch Plan Against Government Attacks
The National Board of Directors of the PSAC has unanimously endorsed a plan to protect our members against new threats to our Collective Agreement rights.
The government is preparing another budget that Finance Minister Flaherty has said will require further “sacrifice” on