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Earlier this year, Treasury Board announced it would be implementing a “pay in arrears” system for federal government employees as part of their Pay Modernization Initiative.

Public service employees are paid on a “current” basis. They receive their pay on a Wednesday for the 10 day pay period that ends on that same day. As the pay needs to be processed several days in advance, any changes to an individual’s pay in those last few days (such as leaves or acting pay) is not accounted for immediately, but requires pay adjustments in subsequent paycheques.

Tony Clement, the President of Treasury Board, was interviewed on CBC radio in Ottawa. His contempt for federal public sector workers and his refusal to answer reasonable questions about Bill C-4 is well worth listening to ...

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We would like to begin by thanking you for your patience and all the support we received from PSAC/UPCE members. It has sustained the team through what has been a very difficult round of bargaining.

During these negotiations, the team worked hard to achieve the membership mandate:protecting and maintaining the existing Collective Agreement provisions for current and future UPCE members.

Relief efforts are underway in the Philippines after Friday's massive typhoon, with some analysts calling it the most powerful storm to ever make landfall. Thousands may be dead, and homes, businesses and infrastructure are lying in ruin.

Your help is urgently needed. Through our partnership with OXFAM Canada, you can make a donation earmarked for Typhoon Haiyan relief that qualifies for a matching contribution from the Canadian government. Click here to make your donation now.

After two years and eight months of negotiations, four final offers, petition drives, picketing, a final offer forced vote thrown out by a court challenge, the filing of unfair labour practice complaints and a marathon, round-the-clock 28-hour bargaining session, our Bargaining Team reached an agreement with Treasury Board/CBSA at 11:00 am the morning of Tuesday October 22th, 2013.