2013 Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign

Please read this message from Bob Jackson regarding the GCWCC, sent via email to Federal Government Locals and Component National Officers in BC.

The 2013 Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC) will be officially launched in the fall. This year, PSAC members in BC will once again make a difference in our communities by contributing generously to the campaign and by helping organize the campaign in our work sites.

Representatives of the United Way, PIPSC, and I have met several times this spring to discuss Labour’s recognition in the Campaign. The United Way Labour Representative has met with the Pacific Federal Council to explain our position: that Labour has not been given our due credit in the fundraising campaigns in the past. While we all agree that Labour’s involvement in the GCWCC has contributed greatly to the success of the campaign over the years, the PSAC and PIPSC feel our contributions should be recognized more fully and visibly.

The Pacific Federal Council has communicated our message to their managers asking that PSAC, PIPSC, and other federal public sector unions be fully recognized on campaign communications and materials.

We ask that as the campaign gets under way and PSAC members, Locals, and Components become involved in the organizing or planning of GCWCC activities that managers be reminded of this directive and that PSAC and PIPSC members are recognized for the work that we do to make the United Way campaign so successful. To that end, we are asking that discussions take place either at a scheduled Labour/Management meeting (LMCC, UMCC, etc.) or an Ad-Hoc meeting with management to confirm everyone’s understanding.

Please feel free to contact my office if you have any questions or would like more information about the GCWCC.
In Solidarity,

Bob Jackson, REVP BC