2024 PSAC B.C. Area Council and Regional Committee Summit

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Accommodation for disabilities

The PSAC Accommodation Policy strives to ensure that PSAC Summits are barrier-free for members with disabilities. Once selected as a participant, members will be asked to specify their accommodation needs in order to facilitate their participation at this Summit.
You may be required to provide relevant medical documentation that will assist us to respond to your request. This information will not be disclosed except where necessary to respond to your request for accommodation.

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Optional equity self-ID

PSAC members who belong to the following groups are invited to self-identify. This information is voluntary and kept confidential and will be used for the purposes of supporting our equity initiatives and programs. Please check all that apply.
A racially visible person in Canada is non-white in colour or race, regardless of place of birth.
For equity purposes, “person with disabilities” means persons who experience barriers arising from impairments of a physical, mental, sensory, psychiatric or learning nature.