A message from Deb Seaboyer

Deb Seaboyer, PSAC’s longtime Regional Education Officer in the BC Region is retiring this week and she asked us to share this message to PSAC members.


Hi All … as you may already know, I am retiring after 18 years working for the PSAC. My career here started as a term Regional Representative, and then I became the Grievance and Adjudication Officer and finally I am retiring as the Regional Education Officer. Prior to that, I was a PSAC member for 17 years while working in various positions at Canada Post in Ottawa and Vancouver.

I want to thank all of the people who mentored me as a union activist, who encouraged me to be involved, who saw something in me that was worth investing in. During those years as a budding activist, I took every UPCE and PSAC education course offered. Those courses strengthened my skills as an advocate for my fellow members and ultimately led to my working fulltime for the PSAC.

During my years as a staff person, I have met many wonderful members, some of whom I saw in their darkest moments but I saw many more of you in your “aha” moments. I have watched as so many of you have taken on positions of leadership in your local, components, regional PSAC and some at the national level. I am so proud of you all.

I cannot stress enough the importance of union education in the work that we do. I have said on many occasions that I am a product of the union education that I have taken. I could never have done the things I have done without the union education I was privileged to receive.

To Luc Guevremont and Jamey Mills, I thank you for the trust, support and encouragement you gave me. To my co-workers, my thanks and gratitude for the team work that allows the education program here in BC to shine.

I also wish Deanna Kimball every success as she takes over as the new Regional Education Officer. I know am leaving the program in excellent hands.

I want to thank every member who has taken a course, attended a union meeting, walked a picket line, served on a committee or local executive. You are the reason that I came to work every day. I wish you all the best in your work and personal lives. Be strong, stay active, take courses and take risks.

In solidarity,

Deb Seaboyer