Activist challenge! Young Workers Social Media Action – DECEMBER 9th 2014

** via the CLC Young Worker’s Committee **

The CLC young workers committee have decided to take action to increase young people’s engagement during the next federal elections. The first step is a social media action on the 9th of December 2014. Here’s what to do …

What’s happening? Young workers are starting the conversation about the issues we care about in the lead-up to the upcoming federal election. Young Canadians are facing tough times with high tuition, few good job options, high costs of housing, climate change and growing inequality. So we’re asking the question: what ARE young workers looking for?

Your challenge:

Step One: Take your picture with a sign that makes it clear what your issues are in the upcoming elections. Here are some ideas:

  • “Young workers are looking for __________________.”
  • “____________________ for young workers.”
  • I am a young worker and I need: _________________”

Fill in the blanks! Express your hopes and expectations from those who will be seeking public office. Make it personal! What are you looking for? Decent wages? A safe workplace? Free university tuition? A house you can afford? Clean drinking water? More job opportunities?

Step Two: Make this picture your Facebook profile picture and tag it with #youngworkers [Francais: #jeunetravailleurs] (you can tweet it too, for good measure)

Let’s show our solidarity between CLC’s young workers by voting intelligently during the next federal elections!