Anti-Black Racism Poster and Digital Shareables

The murder of George Floyd sparked a movement around the world, including Canada, to dismantle systems of oppression and to combat anti-Black racism in all its forms. PSAC stands in solidarity with the Black community and recognizes that silence is complicity. Anti-Black racism is everyone’s fight. To tear down barriers built by white supremacy and discrimination we must do it together.  

PSAC has prepared a series of materials to assist those on the front lines of protests and those battling racism in their workplaces: 

  • digital images in various dimensions that can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 
  • an 8.5 x 11 poster that can be printed and hung in workplaces and home offices
  • a placard to be printed on cardstock that can be used at demonstrations and protests. 

Members in BC are encouraged to download these materials for their use at work or in our communities.


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