April 22nd is Earth Day: PSAC BC Regional Council Environment Committee

April 22nd, Earth Day,  is a day celebrated each year on which events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

Did you know the PSAC BC Regional Council has an Environment Committee?

Here’s their mission statement which will direct their activities over the next year.

The Harper Conservatives has consistently made the environment an extremely low priority. There has been a revolving door in the minister of Environments’ office, with four ministers idling in the post over five years. Harper’s government has continually undermined environmental improvement in Canada by favouring outdated reasoning that taking action on environmental issues hurts the economy.

The environment is crucial to Canadians health and prosperity.  We need clean air, water and soil.  The environment and its resources sustain our economy and livelihoods.  Canada must have a federal government that has the vision to lead our society along a greener and more sustainable path.  Our next federal government must fund and implement a clear and comprehensive environmental program including:

  • Continuing to deal with the jobs crisis in Canada by publically investing in a green jobs strategy centred on public transit, municipal infrastructure, building retrofits, energy conservation, renewable energy generation, and other areas to foster job growth and environmental improvements.

  • Restoring and increasing Environment Canada’s budget.

  • An ambitious GHG emissions reduction strategy and program that includes a price on carbon, such as a carbon tax that has protective measures for vulnerable Canadians.  Any serious climate change actions in Canada will require a just transition program for adversely-affected workers and communities.

We are looking forward to reporting on the Committees activities, especially their work in partnership with the Green Jobs BC initiative.