BC Regional Council Mandate and Objectives


The PSAC B.C. Regional Council structure shall be founded upon and guided by solidarity, fairness, equity, transparency, accountability and union principles.


  • To unite all B.C. members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada in a single democratic organization that reflects the needs of the membership in B.C. while respecting the constitutional integrity of the PSAC and its Components.
  • To promote the organization of PSAC members in B.C. into Area Councils that are representative, inclusive, fair, equitable and respectful of the individual and collective rights of all PSAC members in the region.
  • To implement an efficient communications structure among PSAC members in all areas of B.C and to facilitate networking between members of different components and bargaining units. To identify the needs of B.C. members and ensure the union’s regional programs and services meet these needs by setting priorities, policies and directions.

The B.C. Regional Council shall:

  • Apply the PSAC Constitution, Regulations and Policies according to the needs and specific situations of the B.C. Region;
  • Address political and workplace issues at the community/regional/provincial levels and encourage members to be involved in these;
  • Identify and articulate issues that, through the B.C. Regional Executive Vice-President, will be submitted to the Alliance Executive Committee and the National Board of Directors of the Alliance;
  • Make regulations for the good and well being of the membership in B.C. Encourage affiliation to and participation in the B.C. Federation of Labour and district Labour Councils.