BC Regional Council Members

Here is a list of the PSAC BC Regional Council members elected at the 2021 PSAC BC Regional Convention

Regional Executive Vice-President, B.C. Region – Jamey Mills, Vancouver

Alternate Regional Executive Vice-President, B.C. Region – Todd Smith, Vancouver

Metro Vancouver 1 Coordinator – Jennifer Horsley, Vancouver

Metro Vancouver 2 Coordinator – Warren Wulff, Richmond

Metro Vancouver 3 Coordinator – Marion McLarty, Vancouver

West Fraser Valley Coordinator – Susie Blyth, Surrey

East Fraser Valley Coordinator – Alan Otrosina, Mission

South Vancouver Island 1 Coordinator – Patricia Martin, Victoria

South Vancouver Island 2 Coordinator – Ernest Hooker, Esquimalt

North Vancouver Island Coordinator – Robert (Bert) Farwell, Duncan

Southern Interior 1 Coordinator – Kelly Megyesi, Vernon

Southern Interior 2 Coordinator – Jeanne Olineck, Kamloops

Northwestern BC Coordinator – Jill MacNeill, Prince Rupert

Northeastern BC Coordinator – Tracy Arrowsmith, Prince George

Indigenous Peoples Coordinator – André Bessette, Vancouver

Pride (LGBTQ2+) Coordinator – Emily Craddock, Victoria

Racially Visible Coordinator – Celine Ahodekon, Abbotsford

Access (Persons With Disabilities) Coordinator – M. Shane Polak, Vancouver

Women’s Coordinator – Karen Sutton, Oliver

Young Workers Coordinator – Terri D’Souza, Vancouver

National Officers Coordinator – Leanne Hughes, Victoria

Directly Chartered Locals and Separate Employer Units Coordinator – Michelle Webster, Delta

Health and Safety Coordinator – Linda Harding, North Vancouver


2nd Alternate Regional Executive Vice-President, B.C. Region – Kirsty Havard

First Alternate Metro Vancouver Coordinator – Damir Moric

Second Alternate Metro Vancouver Coordinator – Donna Twemlow

Third Alternate Metro Vancouver Coordinator – Priscilla Lam

Fourth Alternate Metro Vancouver Coordinator – Johanne Chevalier

Alternate West Fraser Valley Coordinator – Monique Bakker

Alternate East Fraser Valley Coordinator – Stacey Gauthier

First Alternate South Vancouver Island Coordinator – Karolyn Jones

Second Alternate South Vancouver Island Coordinator – Kala Chaulk

Alternate North Vancouver Island Coordinator – Richard May

First Alternate Southern Interior Coordinator – Lorelei Sterling

Second Alternate Southern Interior Coordinator – Paola Bruno

Third Alternate Southern Interior Coordinator – Carmen Thiessen

Fourth Alternate Southern Interior Coordinator – Linda Woods

Alternate Northwestern BC Coordinator – Jennifer Gordon

Alternate Northeastern BC Coordinator – Michael Wiebe

First Alternate Indigenous Peoples Coordinator – Jill MacNeill

Second Alternate Indigenous Peoples Coordinator – Rod Cunningham

Third Alternate Indigenous Peoples Coordinator – Susie Blyth

First Alternate Pride (LGBTQ2+) Coordinator – Damir Moric

Second Alternate Pride (LGBTQ2+) Coordinator – Bronwyn Heney      

Alternate Racially Visible Coordinator – Kelly Sidhu

Alternate Access (Persons With Disabilities) Coordinator – Lea Serron

First Alternate Women’s Coordinator – Lea Serron                             

Second Alternate Women’s Coordinator – Kelly Megyesi

Third Alternate Women’s Coordinator – Nielene Chand

Alternate Young Workers Coordinator – Emily Craddock

Alternate National Officers Coordinator – Kirsty Havard

First Alternate DCLs and Separate Employer Units Coordinator – John Davies

Second Alternate DCLs an Separate Employer Units Coordinator – Debby Peng

First Alternate Health and Safety Coordinator – Una Gair

Second Alternate Health and Safety Coordinator – Tracy Arrowsmith

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