Bob Jackson: Send Stephen Harper a message by voting in the provincial election

A message to PSAC members in BC from Bob Jackson, Regional Executive Vice President.

As you know, BC is going to the polls very soon. PSAC BC, along with many other unions in the province, is participating in the BC Federation of Labour Vote for Change campaign. I encourage you to review the information produced by the Fed attached below, visit the BC Fed website, and to vote for change in the upcoming provincial election.

You can send Stephen Harper a message by voting in the provincial election.

The effects of the cuts implemented by the Conservative government in the 2012 and 2013 federal budgets are being felt throughout every department and agency, and very likely within your own workplace. Almost 20,000 PSAC members across the country, including 1,500 in BC, have been given affected letters and told their jobs are at risk or have been eliminated altogether.PSAC members like you work on the front lines – providing vital services that keep our communities strong, that take care of our veterans and seniors, that protect our environment, provide search and rescue, keep our border secure, and much more. When Harper refuses to support these valuable public services, you see the negative effects directly – in your community and in your workplace.

British Columbians are voting for change in 2013.

The federal Conservative government and the BC Liberals share many of the same ideologies. Stephen Harper and Christy Clark – and Gordon Campbell before her – have under-funded much needed public services, imposed legislation on workers and unions, and support tax policies that benefit large corporations at the expense of working families. This provincial election will be watched closely across the country and many consider it to be a bellwether for the federal election that is anticipated to come in 2015.

I urge you to vote for the NDP candidate in your riding and to get involved with their campaign.

By giving Adrian Dix and the BC NDP team a strong mandate we will send a message to Stephen Harper and the rest of the country that the BC Liberal anti-worker, anti-union, anti-public services agenda isn’t what British Columbians want – and it isn’t what Canadians want.

In Solidarity,