Call for resolutions: 2023 PSAC BC Regional Racially Visible Conference

2023 PSAC BC Regional Racially Visible Conference: Centering our Power: Empowerment, Engagement, Advocacy and Union Leadership

TO: PSAC B.C. Regional Council, Locals, Components, Regional Women’s Committees, Area Councils, Equity Committees and recognized PSAC Regional Committees

We are happy to invite resolutions for the upcoming PSAC B.C. Regional Racially Visible Conference, March 17-19, in Metro Vancouver B.C., from PSAC B.C. Regional Human Rights Committees.

  • DEADLINE FOR RESOLUTIONS submission is February 17th, 2023 (4:00 PM, PT)

Resolutions will be discussed, debated, and voted on at the Regional Conference and then if passed, subsequently submitted to the upcoming National Equity Conference in 2023. The resolutions should be aimed at strengthening and improving the Union’s work on Racially Visible persons’ rights and advancing our objectives.

Resolutions should be accepted at a meeting of the recognized body with the motion noted in the minutes. A copy of the minutes may be requested.

  • The resolution word limit is 150 words (this includes the “Whereas” and “Be it Resolved” portions of the resolution but does not include the title).
  • Resolutions should be submitted as a Word document, in Arial font, size 14.
  • Resolutions can be submitted in either the traditional or clear language format (please see the following examples of the two formats).
  • Submitted resolutions should not include any special formatting such as boxes or drawings.

Please include the submitting body’s (listed below) contact information in the cover letter or email.

Resolutions to the Regional Convention can be submitted by the Regional Council, Locals, Components, Regional Women’s committees, Area Councils, Equity Committees and recognized PSAC regional committees. All resolutions are to be received no later than February 1st, 2023. Please submit resolutions in electronic format to Monica Urrutia at or by mail to:

B.C. Regional Racially Visible Conference Resolutions Committee
Public Service Alliance of Canada
Suite 200 – 5238 Joyce Street
Vancouver, B.C. V5R 6C9


  • uses clear simple wording;
  • is concise and focused – respects the word limit (150 words which includes the “whereas” and the “be it resolved” but excludes the title);
  • deals with just one topic (problem) and has one major objective;
  • clearly identifies the problem;
  • specifically outlines the required action;
  • builds in accountability i.e. deadlines, who will be responsible for implementing the proposed action, what resources will be required;
  • ensures the action proposed is within the jurisdiction of the organization to implement;
  • isn’t something that is constitutionally dealt with in another way (i.e. bargaining demands);
  • allows for flexibility in implementation ‐ it’s the end result that accounts;
  • is submitted on time (is not a late resolution);
  • isn’t about something that is already enacted;
  • applies the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHY and HOW test.



WHEREAS the PSAC recognizes that more women are forced to leave the work force to provide a childcare option to their family’s then ever before; and

WHEREAS the PSAC recognizes that women are a valuable and important contribution to the national work force and women shouldn’t have to choose between raising a family or working:

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the PSAC will continue to lobby the current Federal Government to create a Universal Child Care program.



BECAUSE mental health issues affect 20% of our members and is a leading cause of stress in the workplace; and

BECAUSE there needs to be an increased awareness of mental health issues; and

BECAUSE there needs to be consistency in dealing with mental health issues:

THE PSAC WILL develop a presentation document on mental health and make it available to all Locals to increase awareness on mental health issues in the workplace.