Call Out: CoDevelopment Canada Young Workers Delegation to Honduras and El Salvador

Are you passionate and active in international solidarity, social justice, and young worker issues?

PSAC BC, with the help of the PSAC Social Justice Fund, has recently been given the opportunity to sponsor a member as part of CoDevelopment Canada’s Young Worker’s delegation to Honduras and El Salvador. The trip will take place from November 30th – December 9th, 2011

CoDevelopment Canada (CoDev) is a Vancouver-based international development organization that facilitates links between Canadian labour and social organizations and their counterparts in Latin America. Approximately half of CoDev’s partnerships are with Latin American teachers’ unions. The focus of this work has been on promoting gender equity and women’s leadership in unions, strengthening teachers’ unions’ abilities to conduct research and generate proposals for alternative democratic education reform, and the improvement and democratization of classroom teaching practices.

While CoDev has years of experience in organizing similar worker exchanges where workers from Canadago and learn about the issues of workers in Latin America, share their experiences, and exchange strategies on the fight for social justice, this is the first delegation CoDev has organized that is primarily targeting young workers.

For more specific info on CoDev’s Young Worker Delegation please visit the CoDev website.

We are looking for a PSAC B.C. member thirty (30) years of age or younger who is interested in this rare opportunity.

The PSAC member selected must commit to:

  • writing a report on their ten-day experience for distribution to PSAC members
  • making a presentation to the PSAC B.C. Council and/or other PSAC body
  • organizing one follow-up activity involving international solidarity, social justice, and young worker issues

To be eligible to apply you should support international solidarity and equality issues and be a member of the PSAC in B.C. Please send your interest in attending to Monica Urrutia, Regional Representative, in the PSAC Vancouver Regional Office at or by fax at (604) 430-0451 by midnight, Friday, September 30th.

In one page or less describe your international solidarity perspective or philosophy; any involvement in PSAC international solidarity, equality, social justice or young worker activities; any community international solidarity, equality, social justice or young worker activities; any PSAC union involvement; why you are interested in attending; and a suggestion of what kind of follow-up activity you may want to organize upon your return.

Please also provide your contact information, your membership number, and also indicate whether you identify as a member of an equity group, i.e. woman; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender; aboriginal; racially visible; or a member with a disability (this is optional.)