Election 2015: looking back and looking forward

Now that this epic election campaign is over and we have a new government – and for many of us a new employer, I would like to take a moment to thank PSAC members in BC for your work and support over the past months and look forward to the next few years.

I’m confident that all of you voted and for that I say – THANK YOU!

PSAC members have witnessed first-hand the impact of the Conservatives’ attacks on the public service and the impact of their policies in their communities. I’ve spoken with many, many, of the 14,000 PSAC members in BC and I know that the vast majority of you voted for change.

To those of you that got involved by attending a rally or worksite event, talking to your friends and family about the issues, working on our member-to-member campaign, or supporting a candidate directly – THANK YOU!

One of the hallmarks of a healthy democracy is the ability of citizens to participate freely and actively in determining who they elect to govern and make decisions on their behalf.

I know PSAC members in BC were more involved in this election than we have ever been and I am very proud of you. I know we made a difference and I hope we can build on this energy as we look forward to new campaigns and new issues that are important to all of us.

After almost a decade of Conservative rule we are faced with a new era.

The new Liberal government has a strong mandate for change. That change needs to include restoring public services and building a positive relationship with the federal public service.

Over the course of the election campaign the Liberals made many commitments to Canadians and to federal public sector workers – including the restoration of our bargaining rights and the repeal or re-examination of anti-union legislation like Bill C-4, C-525 and C-377. They  also promised to re-open the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station and Veterans Affairs Offices, and said they would improve the quality of all the public services Canadians need and deserve.

The new government must act on these promises without delay and we will be working hard to hold them to their word.

For my part, I look forward to working collaboratively with progressive Members of Parliament here in BC – Liberal, NDP, and Green – to help undo the damage that the Conservatives have done to this country and to our public services.

PSAC members have a role to play as well, and I encourage you all to contact your MPs to discuss the issues that are important to you, your families, and your communities as we begin to get our country back on track.

Again, THANK YOU and let’s get to work!

In Solidarity,

Bob Jackson
PSAC Regional Executive VP, BC