Family Day in BC: Information for PSAC members in the federal public sector

We have had many inquiries from PSAC members about the new Family Day holiday in BC, which is coming up in February. Federal public sector collective agreements provide for 11 designated paid holidays, including a day in the opinion of the employer to be a provincial or civic holiday. Currently the civic holiday recognized by federal government employers is the first Monday in August. This means that federal public sector workers in BC will not be granted Family Day here in BC.

Here is an example from the PA Agreement.

30.02 Subject to clause 30.03, the following days shall be designated paid holidays for employees

  • (a) New Year’s Day;
  • (b) Good Friday;
  • (c) Easter Monday;
  • (d) the day fixed by proclamation of the Governor in Council for celebration of the Sovereign’s birthday;
  • (e) Canada Day;
  • (f) Labour Day;
  • (g) the day fixed by proclamation of the Governor in Council as a general day of thanksgiving;
  • (h) Remembrance Day;
  • (i) Christmas Day;
  • (j) Boxing Day;
  • (k) one additional day in each year that, in the opinion of the Employer, is recognized to be a provincial or civic holiday in the area in which the employee is employed or, in any area where, in the opinion of the Employer, no such additional day is recognized as a provincial or civic holiday, the first (1st) Monday in August;
  • (l) one additional day when proclaimed by an Act of Parliament as a national holiday.

However, in addition to the 11 designated paid holidays noted above, the vast majority of PSAC members employed by the federal government are also entitled to both a Personal Leave day and a Volunteer Leave day which, subject to operational requirements and appropriate notice, could be booked to coincide with Family Day.

Remember that both these leave days must be used before the end of the current fiscal year (March 31) and the granting of the leave is subject to operational requirements, and five working days’ notice is required when applying for the leave (10 for workers at CFIA). For more information, consult your Collective Agreement or Shop Steward.