Indigenous members in BC: connect with your Representatives!

Jill MacNeill and Jenny Macleod, two indigenous PSAC activists in BC have recently taken up new positions. Jill was appointed to PSAC’s National Aboriginal People’s Circle as the Female Representative for BC and Jenny Macleod has become the new PSAC BC Regional Council Coordinator for Aboriginal members.

Jill and Jenny would both like to thank Sister Giselle Henry for her dedication and efforts as a leader and mentor.  Sister Giselle is most notably known for her actions campaigning and bringing awareness to the need for clean drinking water in our indigenous communities, through her hosting of Sacred Water Ceremonies.       

Sister MacNeill is of the Ginaxangiik Tribe (People of the  Hemlock) and is of the Gispwudwada  Clan (Killerwhale). She lives in Lax Kxeen (Prince Rupert) which is part of the Tsimshian Nation. 

Sister Macleod is of the Bigstone Cree Nation in Wabasca Alberta. She lives in Delta, BC. 

In their new roles, Jill and Jenny are looking to connect with Indigenous members in the BC Region in effort to:

  • Provide a unified voice for the diverse community of PSAC’s First Nation, Inuit and Métis members, so that together, we can increase our involvement at all levels of our Union, empower each other, and advance our rights within and beyond our Union
  • To educate our members, our Union and the broader society on the situation and rights of Aboriginal peoples
  • To make gains and fight racism and discrimination in our workplaces, our Union and society
  • To mobilize our members to act and use the political processes at all levels around Union, community and workplace issues
  • To create opportunities for representation of First Nation, Inuit and Métis members in various structures throughout the Union, and to be a vehicle to advance Union resolutions through the political process.

If you are a First Nation, Indigenous, Inuit or Metis PSAC member in BC, Jill and Jenny are interested in connecting with you.  

If you would like to provide input into the direction of our Union and/or become involved in any action, or just simply to connect and share ideas, please email and with your contact information.


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