Invitation to participate in the Education In Action project in Guatemala in 2018

SJF Sponsorship Program For Young Workers (18-35 years of age)

PSAC Social Justice Fund invites members thirty five years of age and younger to participate in the next “Education In Action” project in Guatemala for 2 weeks in spring 2018.

Education In Action is supported by the PSAC Social Justice Fund to engage members and other Canadians to deepen their understanding of Guatemala and to build solidarity with Mayan communities in Guatemala.

The PSAC Social Justice Fund is offering a sponsorship to four  Young Workers for the 2018 delegation. More information is provided about the project in the attached invitation below.

SJF will subsidize up to $2,500 for travel, food and accommodation. The subsidy does not cover loss of salary.

In addition to the subsidies provided to four young workers, the project is open to all PSAC members, who are able to cover their own expenses (see application for details).

Space is limited therefore applications must be received by October 31, 2017.