Provincial Election Candidates from PSAC BC

Sisters and Brothers,

On May 9th, in just under three months, voters in BC have an opportunity to elect a government that will work hard to make life easier for working people like you and me.

I am proud to tell you that two of our own have stepped forward to seek office.

Bowinn Ma, a member of PSAC/UCTE Local 20221 who works at Vancouver International Airport, is running in the riding of North Vancouver-Lonsdale. As an engineer and project manager at the Vancouver International Airport, Bowinn knows the value of good long-term decision making and the importance of hard work, and will make an excellent MLA.

Janet Routledge, who held a number of positions with PSAC BC, including Regional Coordinator, is running in the Burnaby North riding. After leaving PSAC BC Janet went on to become a Workers’ Representative on the Employment Insurance Board of Referees and the Director of Political Action at the BC Federation of Labour. In her long career with us, Janet was on the front-line of many of the events that laid the groundwork for the rights and benefits we enjoy today – the CR strike, our battle for pay equity, and campaigns to protect indexed pensions, just to name a few – and has a deep understanding of the issues that are important to PSAC members like you.

Both sisters have an excellent chance of winning. But, as we know all too well, victory happens when we pull together.
Here’s how you can get involved and support Bowinn and Janet’s campaigns. 
Click to find out more about Bowinn, and to donate or volunteer for her campaign.
Click to find out more about Janet, and to donate or volunteer for her campaign.
Bowinn has also enthusiastically extended an invitation for all PSAC members to attend her Official Campaign Office Launch Party on Saturday, February 18, 2017 @ 3pm (1309 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver @ 13th St). I hope to see as many of you there cheering her on as possible. Click here for event details and to RSVP.
It is time for BC to move in a better direction – you can help make that happen by supporting Bowinn and Janet and by voting on May 9th.

In Solidarity,
Bob Jackson
Regional Executive Vice President
Public Service Alliance of Canada, BC Region