PSAC BC Advanced Union School – June 4-9, 2013

What is the Union School?

Union Education at its best! This Union School is 5 intensive days of in-residence learning for activists and leaders here in BC. If you are a leader or activist, this Union School will provide you with the opportunity to build your skills, acquire new skills and network with each other.  

How to apply

Please note the application deadline has now passed.

In our continuing efforts to go green, we encourage all members to apply on-line here. If you require a hard copy you can mail or fax back, please email us. The application deadline is March 28th, 2013.

The theme of this year’s union school is “We Are All Affected and We are FIGHTING Back!”  We are all affected, no matter where we work or live, by the decisions made by our politicians, whether federal, provincial or municipal!  We don’t have to work for the federal government to feel the effects of the unnecessary austerity measures being implemented.  However, we can, have and need to continue to fight back. Individually we can have an effect … we’ve seen that throughout history … people like Viola Davis, Albert (Ginger) Goodwin and Helen O’Shaughnessy.  But collectively we can have an even greater impact … BC Telephone Operators Strike, the 1980 PSAC CR strike, the Raymurs Mothers Strike are some examples. Come and join us in the fightback!

The goal of the school is to re-juvenate, re-energize, re-fresh and re-motivate you so that you can continue the work that you do on behalf of PSAC members in this region.  Our goal is that you will leave this school with your skills sharpened, your networks strengthened and your motivation renewed!

This theme builds on and supports the We Are All Affected campaign currently underway within the PSAC and its components as well as the campaigns in the broader labour movement to fight back against the cuts and changes to the public service, the social safety net and workers’ rights in Canada.

School schedule

The school takes place from Tuesday, June 4th – Sunday, June 9th at the Radisson Hotel, 8181 Cambie Road, Richmond, BC.  A detailed agenda with start and finish times will be sent to all participants who are accepted.

Union School format

The format for this year’s school is a combination of plenary sessions, open space and courses.  There will be four courses offered and participants will attend one throughout the entire school.  Participants will rank their preferences on their application form and we will do our best to place people in either their first or second choice.

What courses are being offered?

Advanced Health and Safety – This course will combine the Canada Labour Code Part II training with the Health and Safety Activism training.  You will want to take this course if you are presently on a health and safety committee and want to improve your understanding of the roles and responsibilities under the Code.  In addition, you will want to take this course if you want to make health and safety relevant to your membership.  If you want to help them understand why it is important for them to care about their health and safety and rights under the legislation.

Advanced Unions Work for Women – The goal of the course is to build a better union, better workplaces and a better society by encouraging and supporting active PSAC women in their struggle for fairness, equality and social justice.  You will want to take this course if you are a woman who wants to learn more about the herstory of the labour and social justice movements, feel part of a movement for change, increase your confidence in your skills and knowledge, be able to work strategically with other activists and be able to take on a leadership role in PSAC, your workplace and your communities.

Advanced Local Officer Training – This course will focus on improving the skills of local officers.  If you would like to learn how to run a more effective meeting, re-engage your membership, involve more people, mentor future prospects, learn practical skills that will help you as an officer of your local, then this is the course for you.

Advanced Representing Members – If you want to improve your skills representing members in grievances, accommodation situations, or learn how to deal with difficult members, then this is the course for you.  You should already have some grievance handling experience.  This course will focus on improving your skills and will involve role play and practical exercises.

Costs and expenses

There is no cost to PSAC members.  Because this is an in-residence school, everyone will be staying in the hotel and will be in authorized travel status – transportation, accommodation, meals and incidentals will be paid in accordance with PSAC policy. To improve access to training for members with family care responsibilities, the PSAC has a family care allowance policy.  Contact your Regional Office for more information.