PSAC BC has a supply of “Stephen Harper Hates Me” buttons

The Harper Conservative government has implemented drastic changes to Canada’s landscape by eliminating or severely hampering our country’s commitment to public services, the environment, human rights, the arts, and many other things we hold dear.

These changes have angered many Canadians, including PSAC members, which gave rise to a grassroots idea of creating “Stephen Harper Hates Me” buttons. These buttons echo the frustration and anger our members and the public feel towards the policies implemented by this government.

Since the creation of these buttons there has been a massive demand from our membership and the public to obtain these buttons. As a result, PSAC has decided to create and distribute buttons for PSAC members and the public to continue to voice our opposition to the Harper Government’s policies.

Please contact your PSAC regional office to obtain a supply of buttons for yourself, your worksite, Local, or Regional Committee.

Although we feel the messaging of these buttons is accurate for our members, we encourage members to wear these buttons outside of work. If members do choose to wear these buttons at work, we recommend removing the button when asked/ordered to by the employer and then grieve afterwards. Our members are part of this country and have the right of freedom of speech. We are on the front-lines of defending public services and sounding the alarm when we feel these services are being threatened by any government in power.