PSAC BC Regional Health and Safety Conference Call Out


We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 2018 BC Regional H&S conference being held on Saturday and Sunday, December 15-16 at the Radisson Hotel in Richmond BC.

The application deadline is October 5, 2018. Applications received after this date will be placed on a wait list according to the date and time received and considered for any remaining seats.

The theme for this conference is: “Are you Safe or Just Lucky?”

The objective of this conference is to create a forum for health and safety activists to reflect, discuss and take action on health and safety issues so we can improve the health of our members by raising awareness and preventing injuries and occupational diseases.

The conference is scheduled to begin at 9:00 am on Saturday December 15, 2018 and will close at 12:00 pm on Sunday, December 16. Travel will be reimbursed in accordance with the PSAC BC Travel Policy.


Participants that reside within 60 kilometers of the venue are not considered in travel status. The Travel Policy provides:

  • $50 per day allowance for Saturday and Sunday to cover the cost of travel and meals.
  • Hotel accommodation will not be provided.
  • Parking will be complementary at the hotel. You will not be entitled to reimbursement of parking expenses if you choose to park elsewhere.

Participants that reside more than 60 kilometers from the venue will be considered in travel status. The Travel Policy provides:

  • Travel costs, including ground transportation;
  • Hotel accommodation costs at the Radisson Hotel, Richmond;
  • Meal and incidental allowances (except those provided) as per the PSAC Travel Policy;
  • Parking will be complementary at the hotel. You will not be entitled to reimbursement of parking expenses if you choose to park elsewhere.

Members with Treasury Board, CFIA and Parks – Leave with Pay

Treasury Board (PA, SV, TC and EB Groups), CFIA, FB and Parks members attending this event no longer submit loss of salary via the Member Expense Portal. Only non-salary expenses are to be claimed for reimbursement.

Conference participants will receive a letter from the Vancouver Regional Office authorizing their participation in the conference. The participant will enter the leave with pay request for the union activity in their respective Leave Management System and submit an electronic copy of the letter to their delegated manager.

Please use the following codes when entering your leave with pay request in the Leave Management System:

  • TB & FB: 14.13 – representative’s training courses
  • CFIA & Parks: 13.13 – representative’s training courses

Please Note: If you are unable to participate in part or all of the event you are personally responsible for modifying your related leave request in the Leave Management System. The Leave Management System must reflect the actual union leave used and should only reflect the actual amount of leave required to attend the union event.


The PSAC Accommodation Policy strives to ensure that PSAC events are barrier-free for members with disabilities. Please specify your accommodation needs on the application form in order to facilitate your participation at the conference.


The PSAC Family Care Policy provides for reimbursement of family care expenses. The objective of the Policy is to remove one of the barriers which prevents delegates from participating fully in Union activities. A copy of the policy is available on the PSAC website at


During the conference, and at all associated events, the PSAC Anti-Harassment, Smoke-free Environment and Scent-free Environment policies will be in effect. Please refrain from using scented products of any type.


Members interested in attending the conference should complete their applications on line or submit a completed application to the Vancouver Regional Office.

Participant selection will be based on several criteria as outlined in the application form. If you are not selected as a participant, you may be selected as an alternate.


If you are not selected as a participant, you may be selected as an observer. All observers, if selected, are required to pay a registration fee of $100.00.  This registration fee entitles observers to participate in the conference, including workshops and materials provided.  In addition, observers are responsible for their own travel, accommodation, loss of salary, and all other expenses.

There will be a limited number of participants selected so be sure to submit your application early.

In solidarity,

Jamey Mills, Public Service Alliance of Canada Regional Executive Vice-President BC

Linda Harding, BC Regional Council Health and Safety Coordinator





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