PSAC BC welcomes agreement between BC NDP and BC Green Party, congratulates two new MLAs in British Columbia.

PSAC BC welcomes the agreement reached this week by the leaders of the BC NDP and BC Green Party to form a new, progressive, provincial government. Both parties made strong commitments to addressing inequality, strengthening public services, taking action on climate, and implementing electoral and campaign finance reform.

We also congratulate two new members of the BC Legislature who come from the PSAC family.

Bowinn Ma, a PSAC member who works as a Project Engineer at Vancouver International Airport, was elected as the BC NDP MLA in North Vancouver-Lonsdale.

“I decided to run for office after thinking about my god-children, my family, and my neighbours in North Vancouver. They tell me life is becoming more and more difficult. People are worried about their future.” says Bowinn, “I want to help make life better for British Columbians.”

“I chose to run for the BC NDP because of the values and principles the party was founded on. The NDP has always been the party of the people; a party that works for everyone. If we value our democracy,” she continues, “It’s important that we be willing to step up and get involved in it. That’s how change happens – we, the people, must always be resisting the idea that this is as good as it gets. Believe that better is possible and dare to create that stronger and more just society.”

Janet Routledge was also elected as a BC NDP MLA for Burnaby North. Janet began her career as a PSAC member in Ottawa and later moved to Vancouver, where she held a number of positions with PSAC, including BC Regional Coordinator.

Janet was on the front-line of many of the events that laid the groundwork for the rights and benefits PSAC members enjoy today including the CR strike, the battle for pay equity, the campaign to protect and enhance pensions, and our fight against public service cuts and privatization. She has a deep understanding of the issues that are important to PSAC members.

“I know both these new MLAs will be strong voices in the Legislature for their constituents. We look forward to working with them as they work to build a better BC.” says Bob Jackson, PSAC Regional Vice President for BC. “I also would like to recognize Sargy Chima, a member of CEIU who was unsuccessful in her campaign to be the BC Liberal MLA for Surrey-Whalley, for her energy and her effort.”

“Finally, I’d like to thank all the PSAC members in BC that got involved in the election: volunteering to help their chosen candidate, attending rallies and events, talking to friends and neighbors about the issues, getting involved in the BC Federation of Labour’s Better BC campaign, and taking time to vote. Our democracy and our province is stronger because of all of you.”