PSAC members in Victoria: Send Stephen Harper a message by voting in the by-election November 26th

You can send Stephen Harper a message by voting in the Victoria Federal By-Election on Monday November 26.  
The 2012 budget brought in by the Harper government will cut $5.2 billion out of the federal government’s operating budget over the next three years. These budget cuts are bad for PSAC members and bad for the Canadians that depend on the services we provide.

The effects of the cuts are being felt throughout every department and agency, and very likely within your own workplace. Over 18,000 PSAC members across the country, including 1,200 in BC, have been given affected letters and told their jobs are at risk or have been surplussed.

PSAC members like you work on the front lines – providing vital services that keep our community strong, that take care of our veterans and seniors, that protect our environment, provide search and rescue, keep our border secure, and much more.

When Harper refuses to support these valuable public services, you see the negative effects directly – in your community and in your workplace. That is why your vote on November 26 is important, and why your choice is important, not just to the people who live and work in Victoria, but across the country.

Tell Stephen Harper that Victoria says “no” to government cut-backs.

As the Official Opposition, the New Democratic Party has worked alongside PSAC both in Parliament and in the community to publicize the damaging effects federal government cut-backs have on our country.

NDP MPs have spoken out against cuts to Veterans Affairs, the Coast Guard, DFO and Service Canada, as well as against contracting out at the Department of Defence. They have also highlighted the how the changes to legislation contained within in the Tory omnibus bills C-38 and C-45 will impact our environment and quality of life.
I personally believe that Victoria residents have been served well by New Democrat Member of Parliament Denise Savoie.

PSAC members worked hard in 2011 to help re-elect her and she will be missed. As a tireless advocate for all members of the community and a champion for the environment, Denise stood up for public sector workers and the people of Victoria during her time as an MP.

I am confident that this work will continue with NDP Candidate Murray Rankin. He has what it takes to challenge the Conservative agenda and, along with his colleagues in the opposition, provide a strong voice for public services in Parliament.

Murray is an accomplished lawyer and UVic law professor, and an activist with a long track record in the Victoria community fighting for social, economic and ecological justice. He was president of the West Coast Environmental Law Association and the BC Public Interest Advocacy Centre, and is a founding member of the Western Canada Wilderness Committee.

Canada needs Murray Rankin in the House of Commons. With the Conservatives turning their backs on democracy by ramming through a 400 page Omnibus Budget Bill – one that contains more cuts and more damaging changes to environmental protection regulations – we need an effective NDP opposition to make sure the voices of Victoria residents are heard in Ottawa.

Although I don’t live in this riding and can’t cast a ballot myself, on November 26th I strongly encourage you to support the campaign to elect Murray Rankin as Member of Parliament, doing so will create a stronger Official Opposition, and weaken the Conservative majority that I believe is undermining public services and public sector employment in Canada.

In Solidarity,

Bob Jackson
Public Service Alliance of Canada
Regional Executive Vice President, BC