PSAC Videos

PSAC has produced a number of videos that may be of use to Locals and activists and we’ve gathered them in one place here at the website.

About PSAC

This video explains how the Public Service Alliance of Canada works. PSAC represents more than 170,000 workers in every province and territory in Canada and in locations around the world. Our members work for federal government departments and agencies, Crown Corporations, universities, casinos, community services agencies, Aboriginal communities, airports, and the security sector among others.

PSAC Victories

This animated video highlights just some of the victories that the Public Service Alliance of Canada has won for its members, and ultimately, for everyone. From maternity leave, rights for same-sex couples to pay equity issues, the PSAC works tirelessly to keep workers healthy and happy in their job and defend equal rights and public services for all.

Accommodation, it’s a right!

Everyone in Canada is legally entitled to a work environment that is both inclusive and discrimination-free. That includes you.

Duty to Accommodate – The member’s perspective

The duty to accommodate requires employers to proactively identify and eliminate rules, policies, practices and standards that have a discriminatory impact. Accommodation means reviewing and revising the rule, policy, practice or standard to incorporate alternative arrangements that eliminate discriminatory barriers.

A vision for universal childcare

What could childcare look like in 2020, if our federal and provincial governments actually invested in a universal and affordable system?

Let’s rethink child care

Children and families in Canada have a right to access quality, affordable child care services. Yet, only 20% of young children today have access to a regulated space and, in many regions, child care fees are the second highest expense for young families

Phoenix victims share their stories

For two years, almost 200,000 federal public service workers have been underpaid, overpaid or not paid at all under the Phoenix pay system.

Demystifying Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

People with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) can suffer debilitating physical symptoms when exposed to chemicals in the environment that have no effect on most people.