Purolator Bargaining Update

The bargaining team met with the Company in Vancouver this past July. The team presented the Union’s starting proposals and received Purolator’s starting proposals.

As with any round of bargaining, the bargaining team started with their language changes as proposed by members, and will bring forward monetary items later. This allows the Union and the Company to focus on changes that can be made to your working conditions without necessarily incurring major costs. So, for example, this includes any legislative changes that need to be made due to legislative changes that have been made since the last round of negotiations.

Included in the employer’s proposal was a desire to extend the restriction on vacation leave requests by a week to include the week after the 4th Friday of November. The employer would like to see this to accommodate the changing pattern of ecommerce and resulting impact on processing deliveries.

The Union served notice that we expect the Company to respect the current provisions of the Collective Agreement on Article 21 – Personal Days and to keep them intact and not to reduce those days to three days from the current five days. We expect there will be continued discussions on this during this round of negotiations. If members find that their leave days reduced or denied because they have exceeded three days, please have them immediately contact their steward or someone from the bargaining team for further information.

The next sets of bargaining dates are scheduled for mid-October and early December.