Reports: BC Federation of Labour Convention

PSAC BC sent our biggest delegation yet to a BC Federation of Labour Convention this year. Delegates debated resolutions, rallied for a $15/hour minimum wage, networked and forged strong ties with the broader labour movement, and witnessed history being made as Irene Lanzinger was elected as the first woman president of the BC Federation of Labour. PSAC members who requested a Regional Council subsidy to aid in attending the Convention all committed to submitting a report. Here are some excerpts – download their full reports at the bottom of the page.

“As Conventions are an important part in determining the path forward for the Labour movement, setting priorities and advancing important campaigns, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to attend the 56th BC federation of Labour Convention which was held in Vancouver November 24 – 28, 2014. Although the weather was bleak and miserable in Vancouver the delegates came to Vancouver eager and prepared to work and to elect a new leader.” – Susan Yaciw, 20003

“We are a small union, with far fewer delegates to the convention, compared to other unions. However, the PSAC had a major impact. We had the largest turnout of delegates that I can remember. I was pleased to see Bob J chairing the resolutions committee, as well as many PSAC activists on the various committees, speaking at mics, and assisting the convention proceedings.” – Terri Lee, AGR 20044

“I am glad to have gained insight into the pertinent issues facing my fellow Canadians, my brothers and sisters, in other sectors. There is a connect that strengthens when the realization occurs that although different on the surface, we all face similar challenges when it comes down to it. Health and safety, old age security, fair wages etc. are all a part of the socio-economic justice sought by us all. The convention was a glimpse into how vital it is that we must be willing to fight for and defend our rights together, in solidarity.” – Mandy Chahal, CEIU 20974

“Another highlight for me at this convention was the renewal of our commitment as a labour movement to raising the minimum wage to something closer to a living wage.” – Jennifer Horsley, UPCE 20095

“It was enlightening to hear the variety of resolutions brought forward to the convention. Being a provincial convention, the resolutions were regional in scope and might not apply to PSAC at a national level, but being residents of BC, the resolutions were relevant on a BC citizen level. This learning experience provided a broader perspective of the concerns faced by all unions in the province whether they are public or private sector. The opportunity to speak to other young workers from different unions and hear about their experiences was valuable.” – Liz Oliphant, UEW 20076

“This was the first time I had attended this large, six day convention. It was character-building.” – Ruby Langan, UNE 20150

Congratulations are due to Paul Croes and Jennifer Chieh Ho who were both elected to the BC Federation of Labour Executive Council, as GLBT and Workers of Colour Reps, respectively.