Tentative Agreement and Ratification Vote for members at Victoria Airport

On June 4, 2020, the YYJ bargaining team reached a tentative agreement with the Airport Authority to extend the current collective agreement. If ratified, the extension will take effect on date of ratification and will expire March 31, 2021.

All members in good standing of Local 20209 Victoria Airport are eligible to receive and use a mail-in ballot to cast their vote.  Only those members who have registered and attended and information session by webinar will have their votes counted.

Voting Instructions. The vote will take place via mail-in ballot.

  • Ballot kits and instructions will be mailed to members’ homes on Friday June 12th. Members should contact the Victoria Office at 250 953 1050 or MackenR@psac-afpc.com to ensure PSAC has the correct mailing address.
  • Members must register and attend a mandatory informational session by webinar to be eligible to cast a vote. During these sessions, PSAC will inform you on the content of the tentative agreement and provide you with an opportunity to ask questions on its content. Only those who attend the webinars will have their cast ballot counted. The information session schedule is below.
  • Only PSAC Members in Good Standing (MIGS) in are eligible to cast a ballot.  Members who are not MIGS will receive a PSAC membership application card along with their vote kit and it must be returned with the ballot.

Two information sessions are being organized via web conferencing meetings.

  • Members must register for one of the webinars below, a link to the meeting will be sent via email.
  • Members must attend the entirely of the webinar.

Webinar Schedule. Members should register for one of the following meetings