Thank you Deborah Littman

Deborah Littman, Metro Vancouver Alliance’s lead organizer, is retiring.

On behalf of the PSAC Vancouver and District Area Council and our members across the province, I want to thank Deborah for the work she’s done over the past ten years to better our communities and our union.

In 2009, Vancouver Area Council became one of the founding members of Metro Vancouver Alliance: a group of faith, labour, community and educational organizations all working together on common issues for the common good.

We joined MVA because we thought it was important that PSAC, as an organization, be involved with bettering our communities and that we reach out to non-traditional partners.

We knew that by working in partnership on common issues we would be more effective at creating the social gains, progressive policy, and the better world that we as trade unionists strive for.

MVA has created so much positive change, and in the process, touched the lives of many of us.

Thanks to Deborah’s tireless efforts and her work to mobilize and engage MVA members and their organizations thousands of people living in the Lower Mainland feel empowered, are more connected to their communities, and have taken action in so many ways to make our province a better place to live and work.

We wish Deborah well in the next stage of her life and we look forward to building on her legacy though our ongoing work with the Metro Vancouver Alliance.

Jamey Mills
Regional Executive Vice President
Public Service Alliance of Canada, BC Region