The Conservative government is putting workers lives in danger! Email your MP.

The lives of almost one million Canadian workers will be placed in danger as a result of cynical amendments that the Conservative government is making to the Canada Labour Code. Buried deep in the government’s latest budget bill tabled on October 22 are amendments to the health and safety provisions of the Code that have nothing to do with balancing the budget, and everything to do with putting workers’ lives at risk.

The government wants to water down the right to refuse dangerous work, end the role of federal Health and Safety Officers in the investigation process and give employers the power to discipline workers when they invoke the right to refuse dangerous work. All together, these changes would make the Canada Labour Code provisions on the right to refuse dangerous work the weakest in the country, and put workers’ lives at risk. These proposals have no business being put in a budget bill.

Send an email now to your MP urging them to fight to remove the provisions relating to the health and safety of workers from the budget bill! A copy of your letter will go to Labour Minister Kellie Leitch and to the Minister of Employment and Social Development Jason Kenney.