Urgent Action – oppose Bill C-377

In conjunction with the Canadian Labour Congress, PSAC is calling on members to contact their Member of Parliament concerning Bill C-377. In its current form, Bill C-377 would be the most costly and discriminatory Bill faced by the labour movement across Canada in memory.
We ask that all members contact their local Member of Parliament – especially if the local MP is a Conservative – and voice opposition to the Bill C-377. For more information see below.
Bill C-377 is a Private Member’s Bill sponsored by MP Russ Hiebert. The Bill will require every labour organization (PSAC Local, District Labour Council, etc.) and every labour trust (pension plan, benevolent fund, training fund, and health and welfare fund) to file a public information return with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).
The Bill would require all unions and each of their locals, area councils, etc. to disclose detailed financial information, salaries, supplier contracts, loans, accounts receivables, investments, and spending on organizing, collective bargaining, education and training, lobbying and all political activities.
The requirements are so detailed and so broad that the Canadian Labour Congress estimates that it will take the average local union 200-400 hours annually to prepare the returns at significant cost to local unions’ treasuries.
This Bill singles out labour organizations only – the Bill does not apply any other dues deducting professional organizations.
The Bill is being supported by such anti-union groups as the Fraser Institute, the Merit Shop Contractors and the Canadian Federation of Independent Business because they want access to this information to utilize when combatting organizing drives.
Download the CLC talking points on Bill C-377, a summary of Bill C-377, and the Bill itself below –  if you would like assistance contacting your MP or more information, contact your PSAC Regional Office.