2021 United Way Fundraising Campaign

Sisters, Brothers, and Friends:

PSAC BC is proud to work to improve the lives of people in our community every single day by supporting the members of our union and their families. We strive to better the lives of working people by building healthy, strong, and respectful communities and workplaces. This is also why we are a long-time supporter of the Canadian Labour Congress and United Way’s longstanding partnership.

United Way British Columbia, working with communities in BC’s Interior, Lower Mainland and Central & Northern Vancouver Island, has a vision of building healthy, carrying, and inclusive communities. They do this by strengthening vital connections to support vulnerable people in our local community. As a charity, they serve a population of more than 4 million people, with a focus on kids and youth, seniors, poverty, mental health and food security. Their work pops up in community in countless ways, including:

  • United Way’s Local Love Food Hubs and Regional Food Hubs, which are helping vulnerable people access food that is culturally appropriate and other wrap around services in a dignified manner.
  • United Way’s Health Aging programming, which makes it easier for seniors to access supports and programs in their local communities so that they can live independently for as long as possible, thereby improving their health and wellbeing.
  • United Way’s Period Promise campaign, which continues to increase access to free menstrual products in our community so that everybody who menstruates can go to work, get to school, access services, and stay connected to their community.

This work has been crucially important over the past year due to the impacts of the pandemic on the lives of so many people.

PSAC BC is working with the Labour Participation Department at United Way British Columbia to find out how we can help build up our community in partnership with United Way. We are doing this in the spirit of solidarity with vulnerable people in our region, and out of a commitment to support all of our neighbours through advocacy and direct action.

For this reason we proudly endorse the 2021 United Way fundraising campaign and are asking you to give generously when the opportunity comes. With our help, United Way British Columbia can continue to make important investments that support vulnerable people in our community.

If you want to get involved in the campaign, please connect with us, and if you have any questions about United Way, reach out to Neal Adolph, Provincial Director of CLC Labour Participation, at neala@uwbc.ca.

Best wishes.

In Solidarity,

Jamey Mills
Public Service Alliance of Canada

Regional Executive Vice President, BC

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