Health and Safety

If you are interested in getting involved with Health and Safety issues in BC or would like more information about H&S in the BC Region, contact the BC Regional Council Health and Safety Coordinator is Linda Harding or Evert Ryland, the PSAC staff person with the H&S portfolio in BC. Scroll down this page for H&S related information and and news.

National Day of Mourning: Work shouldn’t hurt

On National Day of Mourning April 28, PSAC recognizes the exemplary work of PSAC members who saved countless lives defending the health and safety of workers during the pandemic.

From mandating employers to develop COVID-19 protocols, administrative controls and ventilation and sanitation policies, unions and activists have played a key role in keeping workers safe.

Unfortunately, not all workers have access to these same protections, and we have a responsibility to ensure all workers have a right to a safe workplace.

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