2023 PSAC BC Regional Racially Visible Member’s Conference

Racialized Workers – Centering our Power

Empowerment, Engagement, Advocacy and Union Leadership

To: ​​PSAC Locals/Branches in the B.C. Region

  • Conference details: March 17-19, 2023
  • Conference location: Hilton Metrotown, 6083 McKay Ave, Burnaby, BC V5H 2W7
  • Application Deadline: Monday January 30, 2023, 5 PM, PT (note the application deadline has now passed)

All participants are expected to attend the full conference.

We are pleased to inform members that the 2023 PSAC BC Regional Racially Visible Member’s Conference, will be held Friday, March 17, 2023 – Sunday March 19, 2023. This conference is a fully funded event for participants. 

More information about travel and loss of salary will be available as part of the full participant’s package which you will receive on confirmation of registration.

We encourage you to personally inform PSAC Racially Visible members in your area to ensure they are made aware of this Conference.  In workplaces where members continue to work from home, please share with your contacts or ask to post the information on the Union’s electronic bulletin board (if there is one at your workplace)

Conference Objectives

The objectives of the 2023 PSAC BC Regional Racially Visible Member’s Conference are:

  • Engaging and connecting Racialized members with their union in the post pandemic reality
  • Providing tools for leadership, engagement, and advocacy in the union
  • Consulting on the PSAC’s Anti-Racism Action Plan

PSAC BC Regional Racially Visible members will gather to learn, share, and strengthen the PSAC Racially Visible program under the theme “Racialized Workers – Centering our Power” with the sub-theme of “Empowerment, Engagement, Advocacy and Union Leadership”. 

Participants will participate in the Anti-Racism Action Plan Session.  This session will provide an overview and updates on the Plan.  It will also engage participants on what barriers they continue to face and what successful strategies they are using to mobilize Racialized members in the Union.

Participants will also attend the workshop “Leadership: Engagement and Advocacy.” 

Additionally, your Organizing Committee has planned several additional activities and sessions for the duration of the conference.

Conference Information

The conference will begin Friday, March 17, 2023, at 11:00 AM. (with registration taking place from 9:30 AM -11:00 AM). We will open the conference, provide lunch and members will hear from our guest speaker. The conference will recess at 5 PM.

The Conference will continue Saturday and Sunday morning at 9:00 AM. The conference will adjourn on Sunday, March 19th, 2023 at 12:00 PM.  

Participants that reside within 80 kilometres of the venue:

  • Will be entitled to claim loss of salary for Friday (and Saturday and Sunday if normally scheduled to work)
  • If not working, will also be entitled to claim a $50 per day allowance (or actual cost if higher) for Saturday and Sunday to cover the cost of travel (including parking) and meals
  • Hotel accommodation will not be provided

Participants that reside more than 80 kilometres from the venue will be considered as in travel status which means the following costs will be covered:

  • Will be entitled to salary for Friday (and Saturday and Sunday if normally scheduled to work)
  • Travel costs, including ground transportation;
  • Meal and incidental allowances (except those provided) as per the PSAC Travel Policy;
  • Hotel accommodation costs at the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel;
  • Hotel parking

Accommodation for disabilities

The PSAC Accommodation Policy strives to ensure that PSAC events are barrier-free for members with disabilities. Once selected as a participant, members will be asked to specify their accommodation needs to facilitate their participation at the Regional Racially Visible Member’s Conference.

Family care

The objective of the PSAC Family Care Policy is to remove one of the barriers which prevents participants from attending Union activities and which provides for the reimbursement of family care expenses. A copy of the policy is available on the PSAC website here.

On-site childcare is intended to remove a barrier to a participants’ ability to attend at the conference and is provided only for those who could not otherwise attend, had the service not been available. Requests must be received no later than Monday January 30, 2023.

PSAC policies: anti-harassment, scent-free and smoke-free environment

The PSAC COVID-19 Policy will be in effect throughout this Conference.

During the conference, and at all events associated with the conference, the PSAC Anti-Harassment, Smoke-free Environment and Scent-free Environment policies will be in effect. Please refrain from using scented products of any type.

If you have any questions with respect to the application form or the conference, please contact Kim Nguyen​​​​ (nguyenk@psac-afpc.com / (236) 317-2644) or Varinder Johal (johalv@psac-afpc.com / ​​​(236) 317-1120)

Selection of Participants

If you are selected as a participant to this conference, you will be advised by email and or telephone call.  Please ensure you provide us with your contact coordinates that you will have access to during the month of February 2023.

We look forward to having our Racially Visible members in the PSAC BC Region gather to strengthen the PSAC Racially Visible program at the regional and national level.

Resolutions to the PSAC BC Regional Racially Visible Conference

Resolutions will be discussed, debated, and voted on at the Regional Conference and then if passed, subsequently submitted to the upcoming National Equity Conference in 2023. The resolutions should be aimed at strengthening and improving the Union’s work on Racially Visible persons’ rights and advancing our objectives.

Resolutions should be accepted at a meeting of the recognized body with the motion noted in the minutes. A copy of the minutes may be requested.

  • The resolution word limit is 150 words (this includes the “Whereas” and “Be it Resolved” portions of the resolution but does not include the title).
  • Resolutions should be submitted as a Word document, in Arial font, size 14.
  • Resolutions can be submitted in either the traditional or clear language format.
  • Submitted resolutions should not include any special formatting such as boxes or drawings.

Please include the submitting body’s (listed below) contact information in the cover letter or email.

Resolutions to the Regional Conference can be submitted by the Regional Council, Locals, Components, Regional Women’s committees, Area Councils, Equity Committees and recognized PSAC regional committees. All resolutions are to be received no later than February 17th, 2023. Please submit resolutions in electronic format to Monica Urrutia at urrutim@psac-afpc.com.

In Solidarity,

Jamey Mills ​​​​
Public Service Alliance of Canada
Regional Executive Vice-President, BC​​

Celine Ahodekon
PSAC BC Regional Council
​​Racially Visible Coordinator