PSAC BC Regional Convention Schedule and Rules of Order

There are just over six weeks before the first ever virtual PSAC Regional Convention will officially be called to order in the BC Region. A virtual PSAC Regional Convention will be a new experience for all attendees, to which we’ll all have to make some adaptations. We’re hoping to ease some of that adjustment by preparing delegates and observers in advance and familiarizing you with the some of changes you can anticipate for the virtual PSAC BC Regional Convention, taking place May 6-9, 2021. 


As provided in the Convention Call for the postponed PSAC BC Regional Convention, in recreating conventions as virtual events changes were required to the standard hours of session, agenda and rules of order used by the PSAC. These changes are intended to help Delegates address the priority business in a manner that respects the challenges of conducting Regional Conventions virtually. 

The hours of (plenary) session have been limited to 4.5 hours per day, scheduled in 90-minute segments with breaks between segments.

Constituency, geographic and Component caucuses will take place outside the hours of sessions. When scheduling the caucus elections, we have been mindful to ensure that there are no scheduling conflicts for Delegates. Breaks have been provided between the caucus elections for members who may need to transition to a subsequent caucus election after one concludes. Caucus elections were not scheduled during lunch breaks to ensure that all attendees are able to take a break and have a meal over the lunch period as required.


At the February National Board of Directors (NBoD) meeting, revised rules of order and statement harassment for virtual Regional Conventions were discussed and passed by the NBoD. Attached are copies of both documents, which are to be used across our union for our upcoming cycle of virtual conventions and conferences. The standard PSAC rules of order and statement on harassment were adapted to reflect the virtual environment of our events. 


As decided by the Alliance Executive Committee, Delegates attending the 2021 virtual PSAC Regional Conventions will receive a $50 per diem for each full day (as defined in the convention agenda) that they participate at their respective Regional Convention. This flat-rate per diem is provided to assist Delegates with out-of-pocket expenses relating to their participation, including ordering lunch from a local restaurant. This per diem will not be pro-rated, will not be payable to observers, and will not establish a precedent for other virtual union events.

Delegates are to claim the per diem through the online Members’ Expense Portal after the PSAC BC Regional Convention concludes on Sunday, May 9, 2021. If Delegates need assistance with submitting their claim, they may contact the REVP Office for assistance ( 


PSAC conventions are traditionally an opportunity to bring members together. While COVID-19 has impeded our ability to be together in-person, we shall come together virtually to participate in this important democratic process. There may be some instances where attendees may want to congregate in-person to participate in the virtual Regional Convention. However, PSAC is not sanctioning any in-person gatherings of members to participate in the upcoming virtual Regional Conventions. Members must respect the public health directives issued by the relevant municipal, provincial/territorial and federal health authorities regarding restrictions on in-person gatherings. PSAC will not place members and their families at any additional risk, nor will PSAC be held responsible should a member (or members) elect to violate this instruction. 

Individual requests for accommodation will be addressed by PSAC. Such requests will be treated in compliance with the relevant COVID-related public health directives.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above information, please don’t hesitate to contact the REVP Office.