Boycott National Public Service Week: Take action with PSAC!

The government’s National Public Service Week will be held from June 11-17, 2017. Federal public service workers are proudly committed to providing the services Canadians depend on. Yet thousands are still having financial troubles because they are not being paid correctly or on time.

This year, let’s use National Public Service Week to send a message: tell the government to FIX PHOENIX ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Now that the government has committed new money to fixing Phoenix, here are the steps the government still needs to take:

  • Fix the technological problems still plaguing Phoenix and provide a realistic timeline for when the system will be fixed
  • Hire more staff in the Miramichi pay center, the satellite pay centres and in departments
  • Make a commitment to keep the satellite pay centres open permanently
  • Stop using temporary staffing agencies to staff the call centres. Instead, the government must hire and train workers to securely handle files so they can speak to affected employees about their cases.
  • Compensate employees with interest on lost monies, for damages caused by Phoenix, and for the time spent dealing with Phoenix issues

PSAC regions and locals will be holding events across Canada. Please join us! Contact your Local Executive or nearest Regional Office for more information or join us at one of these events.