Celebrate Black History Month – Some Online Resources

The PSAC BC Racially Visible Caucus and the Union of National Employees BC and Yukon invite you to Celebrate Black History Month with a series of posters, facts, and bookmarks that commemorate our heritage. Here is the fourth of a series of informative posters members can print and display at their worksites.

Find out more about Black History Month with these online resources!

The first non-fiction book about B.C.’s black pioneers, Crawford Kilian’s Go Do Some Great Thing (1978), concentrated on the 19th-century migration of blacks from California, as encouraged by Governor James Douglas, and particularly the leadership of Mifflin Gibbs who was once told by an associate of Frederick Douglass to “go do some great thing.”

Kilian’s book inspired  filmmaker Anthony Brown to make a documentary, Go Do Some Great Thing, and historian and poet Wayde Compton to generate his landmark anthology, Bluesprint: Black British Columbian Literature & Orature (2002).

Visit youtube.com to see Crawford Kilian talk about his book and tell the story of the black pioneers of B.C. – http://bit.ly/bhm-video
To celebrate the acheivements of black Canadians and reflect on their experiences, CBC Digital Archives has gathered a selection of radio and TV clips that honour black history — some of which exemplify the racism blacks have had to endure and overcome, both in Canada and around the world, while others highlight the remarkable accomplishments of extraordinary people.

Visit cbc.ca to view this great collection of archived material. http://bit.ly/bhm-cbc