Civic elections in BC are November 15th – Your Vote Matters!

A message to PSAC members in BC from Bob Jackson: Your vote matters!

BC’s municipal elections coming up on November 15th offer a chance for local residents to determine the future of their communities. As we have done in the past, the Public Service Alliance of Canada BC Region is participating in the Municipalities Matter campaign which is coordinated by the Canadian Labour Congress and affiliated Unions.

District Labour Councils – representing union members across the province – have spent time talking to and questioning many of the candidates in the civic elections and have compiled a list of municipal and school board candidates who

  • Support the interests of working families;
  • Understand that public services and programs enhance our quality of life;
  • Realize the importance of a strong public education system;
  • Recognize that contracting out and privatization are not cost-effective;
  • Value the contribution of public sector workers; and
  • Know that a strong community depends on local control and decision-making.

We will be sending a list of endorsed candidates for each area or municipality to PSAC members in BC – they should be arriving in mailboxes during the first week of November.

I encourage you to vote for candidates that share a progressive and sustainable vision for the future of our communities on November 15th. For links to find out more about the endorsed candidates, as well as where and when to vote visit or contact your local District Labour Council.

I have also heard from several PSAC members who are running for municipal office.

  • Johann Ackermann – Delta City Council
  • Meiling Chia – School District 41 (Burnaby)
  • Barry Cunningham – Prince Rupert City Council
  • Deb Foster – School District 79 (Cowichan Valley)
  • Nick Kvenich – Burnaby City Council
  • Roger Leroux – School District 93 (Francophone Schools)
  • Paul Loyla – School District 75 (Mission)

I am happy to see PSAC members getting involved in politics and their community and I encourage you to get in touch with them and find out more about their campaigns.

In Solidarity, Bob Jackson, Regional Executive Vice-President, BC

Authorized by PSAC BC, registered sponsor under LECFA