Convention and Conference subsidy information

Please note: PSAC National and/or Regional Conventions are not eligible for subsidies.

REGULATION 7 Convention and Conference Subsidies

Requests for convention and conference subsidies should:

  • be in writing (email or paper) to the REVP’s office
  • be received three (3) weeks prior to registration deadline
  • contain a rationale why this convention or conference would be valuable for the applicant
  • give an indication how the information/experience obtained at the convention or conference will be used by the participant in union activities
  • indicate any other efforts the applicant has made to obtain funding

All requests will be forwarded to the Subsidies Committee for recommendation to the REVP.

The following considerations will be used to award subsidies:

  • is the convention or conference labour, political or social activism related?
  • will the Region benefit from our participation in this event?
  • has the applicant been awarded previous subsidies for conventions or conferences? if yes, when?
  • normally we will not fund more than three (3) participants for the same convention or conference
  • exceptions to the above should be mostly in the lower cost category
  • no events outside Canada will be funded


  • Convention or conference outside B.C.: $500.00
  • Convention or conference in B.C. and participant has to fly: up to $500.00
  • Convention or conference in B.C. and the participant has to travel by ferry: up to $375
  • Convention or conference in B.C. and no need to fly or travel by ferry: $250.00
  • Applicants will not receive full or partial funding to attend Conventions or Conferences outside of Canada

There shall be a written report to the REVP’s office within one (1) month of the event.

Approved at the B.C. Regional Council meeting 2001, adopted as a regulation March 2012. Amended by the B.C. Regional Council, November 2015, October 2018