During Pride season lets remind Justin Trudeau it is time to bring an end to the blood ban

As we approach the mid-point of Pride season in BC, please take a minute to read and sign on to PSAC’s campaign calling on the Prime Minister to honour the promise to eliminate the ban on blood, organ and bone marrow donations that discriminates against LGBTQ2+ people, and particularly queer men and trans women.

The 3 month blood ban is discriminatory and anti-scientific because it excludes donors based on gender and sexual orientation, rather than on evidenced-based high-risk behaviors. Precluding gay/bi men and trans women regardless of behavior perpetuates harmful stereotypes about the LGBTQ2+ community.

Although the government has recently reduced the deferral period to 3 months, the ban must be eliminated.

Please take a moment to sign the petition and call on the government to commit to their election promise and end the blood ban.

In Pride and Solidarity,

Nia Gillies
PSAC BC Regional Council LGBTQ2+ Coordinator


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